Our Services

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective. They have helped many problems including: arthritis, gastritis, allergies, high blood pressure and constipation. This is achieved through the removal of subluxations which cause irritation to the spinal nerves and adversely affect the body’s organ systems. We do not claim to cure these problems. With the removal of subluxations or pinched nerves, the body’s innate ability to heal itself is increased and thus these problems can get better.

Dr. Proffman uses many, very gentle techniques for his patients…this is why children and pregnant women seek his care also. He uses cutting edge modalities such as cold laser (very safe & effective) which many times helps conditions respond quicker without any side effects or down time.

Some Conditions Treated at Our Office

Back and neck pain, whiplash, sciatica and disc problems, shoulder pain, knee pain, radiating pain into the arms and legs, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, hip disorders, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, sports injuries

Nutritional Counseling and Stress Management

I provide nutritional counseling and stress management advice. Where indicated, I show my patients various exercises that may improve their condition, including yoga postures.

Health & Wellness Coaching Program

Let Dr. Proffman be your Health and Wellness Coach! I will partner with you to create a self-directed program that will provide lasting changes, aligned with your values, while promoting health, wellness and overall well-being. I am available to guide you in the areas of fitness, nutrition, yoga, sleep coaching and much more!

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