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Dr. Mitch Proffman is a genius with his hands and has relieved me of constant disc and nerve pain and muscle spasms. My yoga teacher recommended him. My first appointment was in the fall of 2003. I was without hope. I had already been in pain for over 2 years. I am a teacher and I had had a line of duty severe work injury. I had already been to a neurologist, a neck and back specialist, PT, acupuncture, and other chiropractors. Nothing was helping making the pain less. Walking through the pain consumed all of my energy and creativity. My life had become a struggle of getting to work to pay my bills. I know there are many worse medical conditions but pain is pain and when left untreated it builds into worse pain. At my first meeting with Dr. Proffman, he gave me a full exam and he really listened to all of my pain issues. He explained in layman terms the personalized comprehensive course of treatment. In the beginning when I was at my worst was the acute initial intensive phase of care where I would be seen more frequently. Then as I progressed the next phase was the corrective phase where visits are less. Currently I am in the maintenance phase and only need to be seen maybe once a month. The healing process took awhile, but with his specific exercises to be done at home and some lifestyle changes, I no longer have the fear of pain anymore, since I can just go and see Dr. Mitch and be adjusted and get on with my life. You should listen to his health and healing protocols, he will empower you to help yourself and take an active role in the healing process.
MK, Forest Hills, NY
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I highly recommend Dr Mitchell Proffman as a holistic chiropractor. I have been treated by him since 2000, endorsed by the Gary Null health support group. His adjustments and use of diet, yoga and exercise have supported my well being. He has helped to reduce my back problems i.e., sciatica significantly. He is knowledgeable and helpful.
Susan B., Queens, NY
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I was involved in a fender bender many years ago however, the effects are still their. I suffer from headaches and pain and then that radiates to my entire shoulder. I decided to try chiropractor treatments. A cowoker recommended me to Dr. Proffman. My first session with him was very thorough. He went over my chart and made some recommendation. He adjusted my neck and hip and I instantly felt relief. I’ve been going to him ever since because I feel very comfortable and his techniques works. I highly recommend his services.
Cameron R., New Hyde Park NY
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After 3 days of a stomach flu. We seek care with our chiropractor. Dr. Proffman has been treating Ariah since she was 8 months. Don’t wait for sickness to come. Chiropractic care is one of the most holistic cares associated with western medicine. Most people don’t feel satisfied unless they walk out with a prescription or see blood. The SPINE is the central system for EVERYTHING.. Adjustments align and shift ALL into natural order. She trust him and understands his work. Dr. Mitchell Gary Proffman educates her a bit more each time as she grows. He also gives her hands on tools to use on herself. I could barely move before coming today.
Michelle R. Britto
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