My mission is to provide the highest quality chiropractic care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Using many natural healing systems, including exercise physiology, applied kinesiology, meditation, nutrition, stress management and yoga, I help bring balance to a patient's body, mind and spirit. My approach is holistic and very comprehensive. I will refer a patient to the proper professional if they require additional care that I believe is needed.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the science, art and philosophy of removing nerve interference in the body, allowing the body to regain health naturally. Most nerve interference occurs in the spine and that is why Chiropractors have become spine specialists. The nervous system controls and coordinates the functions of the body. Truly, if the nerve supply to an area of the body is cut, that area will not function optimally.

The chiropractor's job is to remove nerve interference, allowing the nervous system to operate freely. Chiropractors use the word "subluxation" to denote a bone being out of position in the spine causing nerve interference. If total lack of nerve supply is dysfunction, then partial lack of nerve supply is partial dysfunction or "dis-ease" to the affected areas. If the nervous system does not function at 100%, then the body will not function properly

Chiropractic: Natural Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

It is estimated that 80 % of the adult population, at some time in their lives, will experience a severe bout of back pain. Next to the common cold, it is responsible for the most days of missed work. Why is this such an epidemic? Several main reasons are as follows: Improper ergonomics or how our bodies are affected by poor chairs, car seats, pillow and footwear; computers that are not positioned properly for 8 hours of sitting and staring; muscles that are weak from being overweight and never exercising; sitting on the couch and watching TV for hours at a time; and, of course, the universal problem of stress of all kinds...emotional (problems with bosses, children and family), chemical (too many drugs or alcohol or tobacco) and physical (lifting improperly and exercising without being careful of injury, accidents like auto or falls, or arthritis in the spine).

Chiropractic is a natural safe, and painfree way of eliminating back and neck pain. After a careful exam and case history, a protocol to adjust the spine (gently moving the bones in the back) into proper alignment will many times relieve the pain immediately. Note, however, that the recovery time will depend upon the age of the patient, how long the condition has been going on and if there is any arthritis in the spine.


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